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Bash_it using git diff as diff

I used Kitchenplan to set up my new mac. There is newer configuration option based on Ansible by the same author - Superlumic. I would like to try it but didn’t have time to experiment with this time around.

The big plus for using Kitchenplan was that our small development team ended up with Macs that are all configured more or less the same way. Another plus is it installs bash_it which does a lot more shell configuring than I have ever bothered to do. The only thing I have found not to like is that it wants to invoke git’s diff tool instead of the regular unix diff. To shut that off, I just edited the place where that was set up. In /etc/bash_it/custom/functions.bash (line 72) I commented out:

    # Use Git’s colored diff when available
    hash git &>/dev/null
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
      function diff() {
        git diff --no-index --color-words "$@"